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In the first three years of preschool (Toddler, K3 and K4), children are inserted in the “Immersion Program” and the four-hour school routine is delivered primarily in the English language.

At the age of five (K5), children attend classes in the morning and afternoon, when they start the process of learning how to read and write in their first language, Portuguese. During this phase, the context of bilingual learning gains a more solid meaning.

Starting time:
All Students 8:00

Dismissal time:
Toddlers, K3 and K4: 12:00
K5: 15:30


Classes of the national curriculum happen in the morning period and classes of the bilingual curriculum in the afternoon period.

At this schooling phase, four fundamental axes are structured to organize the English language program: reading, writing, listening and speaking. At this point, students have already acquired enough vocabulary to understand and communicate in the second language, at the same time they are learning how to read and write.

The curriculum in English provides the experience and constant reflection in the second language. Through interdisciplinary projects, the activities develop components of areas such as: Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Drama. Classes are organized so that students may advance in their essential skills and acquire proficiency in the second language and reach 5th grade with a vocabulary rich enough to easily communicate in English. At the end of such period, they are able to understand dialogues, videos and audios with different accents, and they gain enough fluency to read and write texts of diverse genres. Such skills are also emphasized in a national curriculum of excellence.

Students who are admitted to SEE-SAW in the final years of Elementary School receive an additional support so that they are able to reach the fluency level of the group and follow the work being developed.

As of 2nd grade (seven years old up), students attend 50-minute classes of Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Human and Natural Sciences, Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education. As of 3rd grade, Spanish classes are also included.

Elementary Curriculum:
From 1st to 5th grade

Arts: 1 class a week in English
Music: 1 class a week in Portuguese
Drama: 1 class a week in English
Spanish: 1 class a week in English (from 3rd grade on)
Physical Education: 2 classes a week in Portuguese (1st to 3rd grade)
2 classes a week in English (4th and 5th grade)

Starting time 8:00
Dismissal time 15:30

Bilingual Middle School

At this level, classes of the national curriculum take place in the morning period and classes of the bilingual curriculum in the afternoon period. The number of class hours is increased to meet the standards offered by the best Brazilian schools, thus guaranteeing competitiveness and a more complete academic formation of our students.

Given the cognitive and linguistic development the students achieve when they reach 6th grade, the English program is even more elaborate. Therefore, in addition to the improvement of the language itself, the student now makes use of English as a learning tool for the various disciplines, such as Science, Social Studies, Literature, Theory of Knowledge, Project, Arts, Drama and Physical Education.

It is in this phase that parents observe the most significant changes. Students make oral presentations of scientific experiments, take part in discussions, draw up big projects and perform in stage plays. They also achieve an advanced writing level in expository, argumentative, narrative and news articles in the second language.

At the end of our bilingual middle school, students show excellent oral and writing fluency and at the same time achieve a high proficiency level in Spanish, thus contributing for their formation in one more language. Moreover, our young students are fully qualified to hone their knowledge and take the next step toward secondary and higher education.

Middle School Curriculum:
From 6th to 9th grade

Arts: 1 class a week in English
Drama: 1 class a week in English
Spanish: 2 classes a week
Physical Education: 2 classes a week in English

Schedule: 6th, 7th and 8th
Starting time: 7h30
Dismissal time: 15h

Schedule: 9th
Starting time: 7h30
Dismissal time: 15h20

Bilingual High School

At this level, the second language is included in the curriculum matrix and specific subjects established by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture are delivered in English. At this moment, students widen their immersion in the second language with classes of English Literature, World History, Sociology, Philosophy/Theory of Knowledge, Arts, Project, and Physical Education, interchanged with subjects of the national curriculum throughout a full day school period.

In this cycle, interdisciplinary projects gain greater complexity with the interaction between different grade levels, more social impact in the community and the real world outside the school, and the leadership of students in the management of group work. More and more, students are stimulated to make decisions and face challenges with autonomy, hence aiming to prepare them for the next phase of their lives.

In the disciplines of Educational Orientation and Career Preparation, students are involved in a process of knowing themselves more deeply and becoming more aware of the world of work and careers. They tap into themes like sexuality, drug and alcohol prevention, professional careers and areas of interest, and the different higher education institutions available in Brazil and abroad. Concepts such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and social services are frequently covered in such activities, thus providing an excellent preparation for life in the 21st century.

Finally, experienced teachers prepare students in a consistent way to either face ENEM and university admissions tests for institutions in Brazil or apply to international universities abroad.

High School Schedule
10th and 11th grades
•7h30 to 16h30 (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
•7h30 to 15h40 (Thursdays)
•7h30 to 13h (Fridays)

12th grade:
•7:30 to 13:00

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