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Bilingual Approach

In the early years, children from two to four years old are predominantly taught in the English language.
As of five years old, the content is expanded and the English and Portuguese languages are alternated
throughout the full day period. The school routine includes the national curriculum subjects and pedagogical
projects developed in the two languages.


Bilingual education benefits children of all age ranges and it is an important tool for the students to develop the competencies and skills necessary to interact with the world around them. The sooner the child is inserted in this context, the better, since there are innumerable advantages from a neurological, academic and cultural viewpoint. Considerably advantageous to the brain, bilingual education promotes the development of the executive control system, which favors skills such as focus, working memory, multi-tasking and metacognition. Since they are daily exposed to challenging situations, students gain autonomy, confidence and freedom to make choices and pave their own way.

Children who have access to such an educational approach from their early years easily understand the structures of the language and develop the abilities of concentration and organization when they reach the literacy phase.

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