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Founded in 1994 by educator Maria Cecilia Materon Botelho and the engineer Renato Fernando Botelho, after the model “Early Total Immersion” developed in Canada, SEE-SAW is one of the pioneers in bilingual education in Brazil. Since the beginning, the objective of its educators has been to raise citizens that are responsible, proactive, able to face and overcome challenges, and who can develop personal talents and express themselves with proficiency in English and Portuguese.

In addition to the acquisition of a second language, our pedagogical project allows students to contribute positively to the transformation of the world, as they transfer knowledge acquired in an objective and contextualized form.

Through innovative experiences, students at SEE-SAW are encouraged to use their natural curiosity to research and find solutions and answers to problems they are faced with. In this context, our highly qualified teachers act as important mediators of the learning taking place.

In addition to all this, an important characteristic our school has had since its foundation is how much we foster and develop caring human interactions within our community.



  • 5,000 m2 land area
  • 6,500 m2 built area
  • Multi-sports Courts
  • Library
  • Natural Sciences Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Interactive boards and multimedia equipment in all classrooms
  • Exclusive Wi-Fi network for each classroom
  • Apple TV
  • Auditorium (200 seats)
  • Exclusive rooms for Arts, Music and Drama
  • Cafeteria for Elementary School, Middle School and High School
  • Refeitório para EF 1, EF 2 e EM
  • Playground
  • Canteen/Snack Bar
  • Internal area for students pick up / drop off
  • Surveillance cameras
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