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Calendar 2018

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School bus

Phone: 11 3722-3366 / 11 7712-2955
Contact: Sr. Jorge

Real Parque
Jd. Guedala
Vila Andrade

Real Parque – 5 min
Clube Paineiras – 10 min
Jd.Guedala – 15 min
Joquey – 20 min
Vila Andrade – 30 min

Little Bus Escolar
Phone: 11 3582-2925 / 9 7737-3443

Campo Belo
Vila Olímpia
Vila Nova Conceição
Região Paulista/Jardins
Vila Mascote

Ligertrans Transporte Escolar

Phone: 11 5841-7230 / 11 9 8164-6110 / 11 9 8290-8976
Contact: Cleia

Real Parque/Panamby
Vila Andrade/Vila Progredior
Portal do Morumbi/Cidade Jardim

Extra Activities
Clube Paineiras/Clube Hebraica
Clube Pinheiros/Clube São Paulo

Differentiated Services:
Aniversários e confraternizações


Phone: 11 9 8676-6999


Phone: 11 3418-0881


Uniformes Catarina

Morumbi – Rua Manuel de Santa Maria, 278
Phone: 11 3743-9712

Na Rua da Escola
Moema – Al. Dos Arapanés, 853
Phone: 11 5051-5045
Vila Olímpia – Rua Prof. Vahia de Abreu, 736 / 744
Phone: 11 3849-5751

Extracurriculares 2018

The school offers extracurricular activities after the regular period of classes.
Classes begin at 3:45 pm and end at 4:45 pm, Monday through Friday.
Attention: permanence in extracurricular classes is subject to coordination approval.
Activity Days Instructor Contact Grade Tax
Men's Soccer Tuesday and Thursday Rodolfo 11 9 8554-0269 K5 to 2nd year R$ 190,00 (2x week)
R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Classic Ballet Monday and Wednesday Paula Castro 11 3758-0017 K5 to 2nd year R$ 370,00 (2x week)
R$ 215,00 (1x week)
Jazz Tuesday and Thursday Paula Castro 11 3758-0017 K5 to 2nd year R$ 370,00 (2x week)
R$ 215,00 (1x week)
Art Class Tuesday and Thursday Erica Moraes 11 9 8544-3354 K5 to 2nd year R$ 280,00 (2x week)
R$ 180,00 (1x week)
Judo Thursday Felipe 11 9 7960-3000 K5 from the 2nd semester
K5 to 4nd year
R$ 190,00 (2x week)
R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Tennis Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
Luis Felipe 11 9 9522-1572 K5 from the 2nd semester
1nd to 4nd year
R$ 190,00 (2x week)
R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Artistic Gymnastics Monday Gabriela 11 9 8963-2288 K5 from the 2nd semester
1nd to 8nd year
R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Olympic Gymnastics Tuesday and Thursday Renata 11 9 8970-4114 K5 from the 2nd semester
1nd to 4nd year
R$ 190,00 (2x week)
R$ 150,00 (1x week)
The activities below are only available to students from the 1st year of elementary school
Activity Days Instructor Contact Grade Tax
Street Dance Monday Henrique 11 9 9498-8890 1nd to 5nd year R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Street Dance Wednesday Henrique 11 9 9498-8890 6nd to 9nd year R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Women's Soccer Thursday Patrícia Hoexter 11 9 8202-0205 1nd to 9nd year R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Soccer Monday and Wednesday Leandro 11 9 7603-5397 3nd to 9nd year R$ 190,00 (2x week)
R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Robotics Wednesday Jefferson 11 9 8652-1310 1nd to 9nd year R$ 150,00 (1x week)
Singing Club (New) Monday Daisy 4nd to 6nd year R$ 130,00 (1x week)
Musical Instruments: Piano, Musical Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Singing, Flute, Violin Monday to Friday Daisy 11 9 7164-7504
11 9 6526-2784
11 5548-5810
Registration for music lessons should be done directly with the SOL MAIOR School on the next phones. The student will start classes only after confirming scheduling with SOL MAIOR.
Let's Code - Introduction to programming (New) Monday
Escola de Programação Let's Code 11 2609-3807
Contact: Tatiana or Felipe
8th to 9nd year
8th onwards
R $ 260,00 (material included)
Registrations must be made directly with the School of Programming

SEE-SAW Partnership Panamby Paula Castro's Ballet



  • Students will have a snack before activities. Bring a lunch box or order the snack with GRSA via email: . Students in 5th grade to high school also have the option of purchasing snacks at the school canteen.
  • To enroll your child in our afterschool activities, fill out the registration form and forward it to our main office. If interested in our music lessons, please contact Escola Sol Maior.
  • The payment of the activities must be done directly for each teacher, through a ticket or deposit account, always in the 1st class of the month. Payments via the agenda will not be accepted.


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